The intent of this bulletin is to bring new awareness and intent towards supporting the revolutionary struggles of the Puerto Rican people here in the diaspora and on Boriken itself. We hold that self determination, defined as the principle in international law that nations have the right to freely choose their sovereignty and international political status with no external compulsion or interference, is the highest standard of revolutionary intent.

As a colony, Puerto Ricans have struggled for this ideal for generations and this struggle continues today unabated. Puerto Rico remains a colony, the United States is the aggressor and it is all of our duties to struggle in solidarity to support Puerto Rican resistance to U.S. Colonialism.

Colonialism is a powerful tool of subjugation, which poisons not only the land, see and air, but the minds and hearts of the very people it colonizes. It pushes against culture, attempting to assimilate and erase history and national identity. Colonialism fosters a dependent relationship on the colonizer seeing it as a paternalistic entity that without it there is no hope for independent thought and action.

The left in the United States, with few exceptions, has largely avoided, ignored, or dismissed the struggles of Puerto Rico, and the Puerto Rican people. Much of this has been out of national chauvinist arrogance of political theory regarding ‘nationalism’ and the independence struggle. We hold that the Puerto Rican people, through fully realized self determination, alone can and will decide the future of our people.

This bulletin hopes to inform people in our communities about these struggles, these organizations, some of the strategies and ideas and projects our people are building in our vision of a new Boriken and to revive the true traditions of revolutionary solidarity.


– Luchar Editorial Committee


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