US Senator recommends bombing Vieques all over again, in order to ease Puerto Rico’s debt crisis

US Senator James Inhofe (GOP – Oklahoma) wants to reinstate Vieques as a target for US Naval bombing, and claims that this will “help Puerto Rico” with its fiscal crisis. On the floor of the US Senate, and in his Senate website, Sen. Inhofe claimed that Vieques is “the only range in the Western Hemisphere with land, sea and airspace that could accommodate naval surface, aviation and artillery live ordnance delivery, with amphibious landings supported by naval fires.”

In simpler words, Sen. Inhofe wants to use Vieques for target practice, all over again.

Inhofe is also the Senator who waves snowballs in the Senate chamber, and claims that global warming is a hoax.


With Vieques, and with his snowballs, the senator demonstrates a questionable judgment.

But Inhofe also has a clear history of militarism in Vieques. Back in 1999-2000, Inhofe fiercely resisted the cessation of the Vieques bombings. After a tense Senate hearing in October 1999, in which he was “fuming” at witnesses from the island, Inhofe declared that Puerto Ricans were “ungrateful, myopic and misinformed” about Vieques.

Now 17 years later, Sen. Inhofe does not say how, nor by how much, the renewed bombing of Vieques would “help” Puerto Rico out of her economic crisis.


A snowball-wielding senator from Oklahoma, who does not believe in global warming, now has major influence over the destiny of Puerto Rico.

That is alarming enough.

Even more alarming, is that Senator Snowball is chairman of the Senate Committee on the Environment and Public Works, and a senior member of the Senate Armed Services Committee.

He wants to start bombing Vieques all over again, as a way of helping Puerto Rico “out of her economic crisis.”

This is the kind of person who holds the future of Puerto Rico in their hands.


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