Minimum wage in Puerto Rico will be lowered to $4.25 per hour

A new congressional bill, HR 4900, calls for the reduction of the minimum wage in Puerto Rico from $7.25 an hour, to $4.25 an hour. The bill is also creates a Financial Control Board to make sure that this new minimum wage law is enforced.

With a perverse sense of humor, the US congress titled this bill as “PROMESA for Puerto Rico.” Here is the complete text of HR 4900…

Everyone ready and thrilled, to work for $4.25 an hour

Section 403 (pages 75-76) of the bill contains this extreme wage cut. It will apply to everyone aged 20-24 in Puerto Rico, whenever they start a new job.

There is something slick and cowardly, about the way Section 403 is phrased. It mandates a change in Section (6)(g)(4) of the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938, but the effect of this change is unclear. In order to understand this change, you have to read Section (6)(g)(4) itself. Only then do we fully realize, that PROMESA will cut the minimum wage of newly hired young workers from $7.25 to $4.25 an hour throughout the island.

In a 122-page bill that so carefully enunciates and protects the rights of billionaire hedge-fund owners, Congress could easily have added one line saying “if you are aged 20-24, your minimum wage is reduced to $4.25 an hour during the first three months of your job.” Instead, they took the cowardly approach.

If this bill is passed then over 200,000 young people, many of them paying student loans, will soon be working for $4.25 an hour in Puerto Rico.

This is what the US Congress calls “PROMESA for Puerto Rico.”


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