Honoring Afro-Puerto Ricans: P.R. Day Parade Edition

The 2015 edition of the Puerto Rican Day parade is fast approaching, and we tip our hats to their efforts to educate and showcase the experience of Puerto Ricans in the United States and the island. One of the greatest proofs of this is this year’s focus on the often overlooked African legacy on our Puerto Rican culture. The celebrations, which are scheduled for Sunday June 14th on New York’s Fifth Avenue, will be a platform to raise global awareness of the beauty and rich legacy of Afro-boricuas in the island and stateside. And because we are in the business of delving deep into the history, culture, and present of all things Puerto Rican, check out Centro’s glimpse into the great impact of the figures the Parade will honor: Carmelo Sobrino, Dra. Marta Moreno Vega, Arturo Schomburg (posthumous), Mayra Santos Febres, Angel “Cucco” Peña, Martina Arroyo, Sylvia del Villard and Miguel Zenon.

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