FBI Arrests Independistas

“Norberto Cintrón Fiallo, uno de los independentistas detenido con motivo de la orden del juez federal José A. Fusté para realizar muestras de ADN, catalogó hoy, sábado la movida como una “cacería de brujas” y asoció la misma al posible establecimiento de una Junta de Control Fiscal en la Isla”.

 ” Norberto Cintrón Fiallo, one of the pro-Independence Arrested in connection with the order of the federal judge Joseph a. Fusté to perform dna samples, catalogued today, Saturday the move as a ” Witch Hunt ” and associated to the possible establishment of a board of fiscal control on the island “.

Norberto Cintrón Fiallo, uno de los independentistas detenido con motivo de la orden del juez federal José A. Fusté para realizar muestras de ADN, catalogó hoy, sábado la movida como una “cacería de brujas” y asoció la misma al posible establecimiento de una Junta de Control Fiscal en la Isla.

La orden desarrollada contra el caballero dispone que los oficiales de la policía estarán “autorizados” a realizar  “todos los esfuerzos razonables y/o de fuerza para asegurar dichas muestras si la persona se niega a cumplir” el fallo.

Ante esto, Cintrón Fiallo denunció que dicha orden es parte de una agenda “realizada por La Marina de los Estados Unidos en conjunto con el Buro Federal de Investigaciones (FBI) y el juez Fusté” con el fin de “intimidar los independentistas y el pueblo en general”.

Según mencionó Cintrón en entrevista telefónica con NotiCel, la intimidación se da en momentos en que “pronto van a tratar de establecer una Junta de Control Fiscal en la Isla”.

“Nosotros entendemos que las ordenes son parte de eso (refiriéndose a la implementación de una Junta de Control Fiscal por parte del gobierno de los Estados Unidos)”, recalcó.

Asimismo, Cintrón mencionó que estos actos van dirigidos a  “provocar al pueblo” pues predispone el hecho de que cesaran la lucha contra la implementación de la Junta.

“Nosotros entendemos que eso es parte de la dinámica que se está dando con estas intervenciones que nos están haciendo para intimidar, para meter miedo con la Junta”, culminó Cintrón Fiallo.

El caballero deberá presentar la muestra de ADN antes del 9 de mayo de este año.

Originally appeared on: http://www.noticel.com/noticia/189422/independentista-detenido-asocia-arrestos-para-muestras-de-adn-con-jcf-documento.html


Fifty Organizations in Puerto Rico form a coalition against the US Financial Control Board

Over fifty organizations announced an official coalition in Puerto Rico, to oppose the imposition of a US “Financial Control Board” over the whole island.

Singer Danny Rivera, one of its leaders, denounced the Board as a scheme to “kick Puerto Ricans off our own island, so they can sell our country to the highest bidder.”

Union leaders, university professors, community and environmental activists, artists, students and lawyers are all part of this coalition…they are planning a major media campaign, and intensive labor organizing, in opposition to the Control Board.

According to the coalition spokesman, Jerohim Ortiz Menchaca, civil disobedience will also be a possibility.

This point was emphasized by singer Danny Rivera, who stated that “our people must take to the streets, and denounce this attempt to treat Puerto Ricans like cheap merchandise.”





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Minimum wage in Puerto Rico will be lowered to $4.25 per hour

A new congressional bill, HR 4900, calls for the reduction of the minimum wage in Puerto Rico from $7.25 an hour, to $4.25 an hour. The bill is also creates a Financial Control Board to make sure that this new minimum wage law is enforced.

With a perverse sense of humor, the US congress titled this bill as “PROMESA for Puerto Rico.” Here is the complete text of HR 4900…


Everyone ready and thrilled, to work for $4.25 an hour

Section 403 (pages 75-76) of the bill contains this extreme wage cut. It will apply to everyone aged 20-24 in Puerto Rico, whenever they start a new job.

There is something slick and cowardly, about the way Section 403 is phrased. It mandates a change in Section (6)(g)(4) of the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938, but the effect of this change is unclear. In order to understand this change, you have to read Section (6)(g)(4) itself. Only then do we fully realize, that PROMESA will cut the minimum wage of newly hired young workers from $7.25 to $4.25 an hour throughout the island.

In a 122-page bill that so carefully enunciates and protects the rights of billionaire hedge-fund owners, Congress could easily have added one line saying “if you are aged 20-24, your minimum wage is reduced to $4.25 an hour during the first three months of your job.” Instead, they took the cowardly approach.

If this bill is passed then over 200,000 young people, many of them paying student loans, will soon be working for $4.25 an hour in Puerto Rico.

This is what the US Congress calls “PROMESA for Puerto Rico.”


For a history of the War Against All Puerto Ricans, read the book…

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A Guided Tour of Puerto Rico’s Financial Control Board

As a service to our readers, here is a guided tour of the Financial Control Board that will soon rule over Puerto Rico.

The following photos illustrate the methods and government philosophy, that this Control Board will bring to the island.

The door will be a key feature.

Jíbaro tries to visit the Financial Control Board

It will be very difficult to open this door.

It will require special knowledge, power, or family connections. The surest way of getting in will be through Section 104 (d) of the law which created it. This section tells you exactly what gifts you can give to the Control Board…because the Board is “authorized to accept gifts, money, bequests, devises, real estate, and personal property.”

You can see this for yourself on page 21 of the bill:


Once you bribe the Board, and get in past the door, you will see thousands of people with adding machines. These are the “auditors.” They will make sure that everyone pays their 11.5% sales tax, their 300% electricity rate, and buys cars and gasoline that cost 35% more than in the US.

The auditors will also ensure that the entire $72 billion debt of Puerto Rico is paid to the hedge funds, vulture funds, Wall Street operators, and San Juan politicians who created it.

(See pages 23-61, 106-121 of the bill)

Auditors ensure that everyone on the island pays…EVERYONE

If you are politically connected, or have a great deal of money, the auditors will not bother you. But if you are a teacher or a bus driver, and you don’t pay the full 11.5% sales tax, or if you fall behind with your electricity bill, then you’ll be called in for an intervention.

Financial Control Board provides a free intervention in Guayama

If any public worker disagrees with the Control Board, or tries to go on strike, they can 1) lose their job, 2) lose their pension, and 3) be thrown in jail.

(See pages 22-26 of the bill)

The jail is a special debtor’s prison.

Again: if you are rich, famous or politically well-connected, you have nothing to fear…because you will never go to this jail, even if you steal billions of dollars from PREPA and make everyone else pay 300% electricity rates.

If you are Gov. Luis Fortuño, and “spend” $9 billion of taxpayer dollars but can’t remember to whom you paid it, you will still make $2 million a year as a partner in Steptoe & Johnson. No jail for you.

But if you sell piraguas in the street, and get caught withholding your 11.5% sales tax, you could go to debtor’s prison. The warden in there looks like Vincent Price.

The warden looks like Vincent Price, and he loves his job

He is not a kind warden.

He hates poor people, but he loves his job…which is to torture all the poor prisoners, until they agree to pay the vulture funds every last penny that they have.

This may be difficult…because PREPA is preparing to raise the electricity rates again, and because the Financial Control Board will reduce the minimum wage in Puerto Rico to $4.25 an hour, for newly-hired young people up to age 25.

(See pages 75-76 of the bill)

We hope this brief tour has provided you some helpful information, regarding the Financial Control Board which will soon arrive in Puerto Rico.


For a history of the War Against All Puerto Ricans, read the book…

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Wall St fraud may fire up independence groups in Puerto Rico

Published on April 12, 2016

Pro-independence marchers in Puerto Rico. Photo: minhpuertorico.org

By Caribbean News Now contributor

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — Allegations that multibillion dollar frauds may have exacerbated and are still contributing to the ongoing financial crisis in Puerto Rico are likely to provide new ammunition for pro-independence groups on the island, including the Boricua Popular/People’s Army, the remnants of the violent Los Macheteros group.

On June 24, 2015, a 23-page legislative report released by the government of Puerto Rico outlined how government officials conspired with Wall Street firms to commit $11 billion dollars in financial fraud.

According to the report, PREPA paid previous bondholders with capital received from new investors, which is the classic hallmark of a Ponzi scheme.

Last week, a US District Judge overseeing a class-action lawsuit against Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA) and the world’s largest fuel oil suppliers for perpetuating an extensive fuel oil fraud upheld claims that the defendants violated the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) and denied motions to dismiss the suit.

In the original RICO complaint, filed February 24, 2015, in the US District Court for the District of Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico residents and businesses accused PREPA and 20 defendants of perpetuating an extensive fuel oil fraud, resulting in users of electricity in Puerto Rico being overcharged by more than $1 billion dollars for electricity since 2002.

The suit states the defendants received kickbacks and payments for colluding to raise fuel oil prices that were directly passed to users of electricity, by agreeing to use non-compliant fuel oil and falsifying lab tests.

Not only is it likely that the court’s ruling will reinforce questions as to the apparent failure of the local FBI office and the US Attorney in Puerto Rico to pursue any investigation into these allegations, there is concern that the massive frauds apparently perpetrated on the island’s poor people by perceived white American “gringos” may trigger renewed and possibly violent unrest.

Since 1952, the island has been a free associated state of the United States, an unincorporated territory with broad internal autonomy, and the issue of independence for Puerto Rico has had an often violent history.

Macheteros logo. Source: VivirLatino

In 2001, then FBI director Louis J. Freeh linked the clandestine Boricua Popular/People’s Army (Ejército Popular Boricua in Spanish), also known as Los Macheteros (The Machete Wielders), to acts of terrorism.

However, Freeh also made an unprecedented admission to the effect that the FBI had engaged in egregious action, quite possibly involving the FBI in widespread crimes and violation of constitutional rights against Puerto Ricans.

He stunned a congressional budget hearing by conceding that his agency had violated the civil rights of many Puerto Ricans over the years and had engaged in “egregious illegal action, maybe criminal action”.

The FBI’s operations against the pro-independence movement on the island dating back to the early 80s included mass arrests of members of the Fuerzas Armadas de Liberación Nacional (FALN) led by Filiberto Ojeda Ríos, who was on the FBI’s most wanted list.

The FALN served as the predecessor of the Boricua Popular/People’s Army. Several of the organization’s members were arrested and convicted for conspiracy to commit robbery and for firearms and explosives violations.

A poster distributed by the ProLibertad Freedom Campaign to raise awareness about Puerto Rican political prisoners and Puerto Rico’s independence struggle

On August 11, 1999, then president Bill Clinton offered clemency to 16 of the convicted militants on the condition that they renounce any kind of violent activism. This decision prompted criticism of the Clinton administration from figures that included the US Attorney, the FBI, and the US Congress.

Puerto Rico lawmakers last week approved a moratorium on debt repayments in an effort to mitigate the imminent effects of the territory’s insolvency while efforts are still ongoing to persuade the US Congress to grant the island bankruptcy protection that it does not currently enjoy.

However, in the meantime, the fact that Puerto Rico’s effective bankruptcy may be, in part at least, blamed on Wall Street greed and fraud is causing some embarrassment and recriminations on the part of those Puerto Ricans who in years past advocated against independence in favour of maintaining ties with the US.

A well respected Puerto Rican former US intelligence operative with direct knowledge of the history of the independence movement on the island, said it appears that all the effort and hard work collectively done from the 1980s to the present day in the hope of neutralizing the left leaning, pro Fidel Castro ideology has now been derailed by the greed of the “gringos”, and most pro-US Puerto Ricans who joined up to work in the law enforcement and intelligence communities are waking up with egg all over their faces.

“How can so much capitalist gringo/Wall Street greed undo so much successful work done by all the patriotic US Puerto Ricans who are still risking their lives to protect the security of the United States?” he asked.

As recently as January of this year, Ruben Berrios, leader of the Puerto Rican Independence Party (PIP) proposed that the island’s main political parties lobby Washington with a single voice to demand that a binding referendum be held to determine the island’s status once and for all.

The Hostosiano National Independence Movement (MINH) endorsed the proposal.

“The PIP proposal should be backed by all independence movements, and, even more, by all the Puerto Rican people,” the MINH said in a statement regarding the “need for unity among patriotic forces” to resolve the question of status.

Pedro Pierluisi, the leader of the main opposition New Progressive Party (PNP), which supports US statehood for the island, said he also agreed with the PIP proposal.

Originally appeared on: http://www.caribbeannewsnow.com/topstory-Wall-St-fraud-may-fire-up-independence-groups-in-Puerto-Rico-29979.html

US Senator recommends bombing Vieques all over again, in order to ease Puerto Rico’s debt crisis

US Senator James Inhofe (GOP – Oklahoma) wants to reinstate Vieques as a target for US Naval bombing, and claims that this will “help Puerto Rico” with its fiscal crisis. On the floor of the US Senate, and in his Senate website, Sen. Inhofe claimed that Vieques is “the only range in the Western Hemisphere with land, sea and airspace that could accommodate naval surface, aviation and artillery live ordnance delivery, with amphibious landings supported by naval fires.”

In simpler words, Sen. Inhofe wants to use Vieques for target practice, all over again.

Inhofe is also the Senator who waves snowballs in the Senate chamber, and claims that global warming is a hoax.




With Vieques, and with his snowballs, the senator demonstrates a questionable judgment.

But Inhofe also has a clear history of militarism in Vieques. Back in 1999-2000, Inhofe fiercely resisted the cessation of the Vieques bombings. After a tense Senate hearing in October 1999, in which he was “fuming” at witnesses from the island, Inhofe declared that Puerto Ricans were “ungrateful, myopic and misinformed” about Vieques.


Now 17 years later, Sen. Inhofe does not say how, nor by how much, the renewed bombing of Vieques would “help” Puerto Rico out of her economic crisis.




A snowball-wielding senator from Oklahoma, who does not believe in global warming, now has major influence over the destiny of Puerto Rico.

That is alarming enough.

Even more alarming, is that Senator Snowball is chairman of the Senate Committee on the Environment and Public Works, and a senior member of the Senate Armed Services Committee.

He wants to start bombing Vieques all over again, as a way of helping Puerto Rico “out of her economic crisis.”

This is the kind of person who holds the future of Puerto Rico in their hands.


For a history of the War Against All Puerto Ricans, read the book…

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